The Blue Badge Specialists

We understand that not everyone wants or has the means to apply for a Blue Badge by a computer or the internet so we offer a personal, speedy, courteous and secure SAME DAY Blue Badge submissions service provided by friendly, regulated Advisors.

The Blue Badge Specialists
Office 725, Icon Offices
58 Peregrine Road
Freephone: 0800 915 3255

Online Yoga Classes

TheYogaClass is one of the best online digital yoga studios as it addresses both experienced yoga enthusiasts but also provides online yoga classes for beginners. By subscribing to one of the best online yoga classes available, you will find inner peace and strength you never knew you can have.
Address: 12A Surrey Road, London, SE15 3AU

Hair Salon London

Medspa Beauty Clinic offers haircuts as it’s a hair and beauty salon where you can get a haircut in London in one of the nicest hair and beauty salons. Book a blow dry in London at Medspa Beauty Clinic by taking a quick trip to Notting Hill. Once you’re there, you might also want to check-out other beauty treatments available.
Hair Salon London
Hair Salon Address: 55-57 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JS

Instant Eyeshadow UK

Instant Beauty UK
Address: 46 Garrick Avenue, London, NW11 9AS
Phone: 07903170656
Instant Eyeshadow UK will help you get rid of the old makeup brushes for your eyes makeup. Apply a professional Eye Majic Instant Eyeshadow make-up in ten seconds from a completely recyclable package. Get your own Instant Eyeshadow from Instant Beauty UK and enjoy free delivery.
Instant Eyeshadow Eye Majic
Eye majic eyeliner

Doctor Arthritis – Copper infused compression gloves

Passionate of their job, the two doctors who have founded Doctor Arthritis along with their team have created and developed products that help patients improve their lifestyle and combat the symptoms of arthritis. The copper infused compression sleeves and copper infused compression gloves are beneficial to all persons suffering from the disease. Also, in addition to the purchased item, Doctor Arthritis is also offering patients a handbook with useful advice on how to reduce the pain.

Belson & Sons

Belson & Sons
Address: 320 Burdett Road, London, E14 7DL
Phone: 08009803464
We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide the best possible service
to our patients. We are more than just a group of opticians; we are
eye care specialists with a wide range of services for you and your

Spa and Saloons

  • Beauty clinic Medspa London – After you go to Medspa is impossible not to love their attention and efficiency. From the first moment a client walks Medspa offers a great experience and a professional service. Specialized in skin problems, the team from the clinic is able to handle and succeed any challenge. They specialise in Hydrafacial Facials, Deep Tissue Massage and Laser Hair Removal in London. With the help of one of the newest and modern equipment, Medspa is the right choice for those who want to look beautiful and fresh. Address: 55-57 Notting Hill Gate, London, W11 3JS
  • Vogue Aesthetic Clinic & Spa – Beauty by Jules. The best way to achieve younger, better looking skin without plastic surgery. Read more. IPL Treatments. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL ).
  • Northwood beauty treatments – Northwood Clinic is a company with a vast experience of 15 years in providing medical and beauty treatments as laser hair removal, Botox injections, wrinkle fillers or Microdermabrasion. The company team is composed of eight medical practitioners, very experienced and passionate, able to give the best in order to provide only satisfied results.
  • SKN clinic – One of the UK leading skin clinics able to offer highly medical trained staff and the newest and modern beauty treatments. SK:N clinic provides specialized skin treatments from anti-ageing injectable to mole excisions or laser hair removal and facials. The company has more than forty clinics all around UK. SK:N markets also different skin care and skin clinic products, on the best quality and free shipping.
  • The Pro Skin Clinic – Offers a wide range of beauty treatments for female and male clients in the UK. The clinic has extensive beauty treatments range from facials to body treatments and from laser hair removal to traditional waxing. They have quality skin care products, renowned in the beauty industry. NAME aim is to pamper the customers in their exquisite and relaxing beauty clinic and make them feel really special and relaxed.

Hair Removal

  • Laser Hair Removal London Medspa  – The Medspa laser hair removal London treatments are suitable for both male and female clients, and the treatment rooms are suitable to accommodate couples taking beauty and spa treatment together.  The clinic spa packages are very carefully selected and chose to provide a great relaxation and well being for anyone. The prices are accessible, and the wide ranges of services are perfect for having a great relaxing experience.  At Medspa clients can find one of the newest and efficient equipments who can provide quick and satisfying results. A proven method of effective and virtually pain free hair removal, Soprano ICE™ laser can safely treat all skin types, including tanned skin and all hair types including thin and red hair, all year round. In addition Soprano ICE™ with SHR Technology is clinically proven to have the industry’s highest coverage rate which to our clients means faster treatment times! For example, treatment for full leg rather than taking hours can be done in just 30 minutes. This is due to the In-Motion technique which collectively heats up and deactivates all the hair roots within a grid, as opposed to seeking individual chromosphores at the hair root.
  • Pro Skin Clinics hair reduction London – Pro Skin Clinics use the newest and the best equipment and products for a wide range of treatments, including acne treatments, fat and cellulite reduction or laser hair removal. They are able to provide one of the best quality treatments at the best price. The clinic aims to provide best value for the permanent services as hair reduction and acne treatments. At Pro Skin Clinics works only therapists who are dawn from the top graduates of the industry –standard in beauty therapy.
  • Spa Clinic | Hair removal in London – Spa Clinic UK provides medical solutions for all skin problems like sun damage, scars or acne, and professional beauty treatments as laser hair removal which is one of the best from London or massage and aromatherapy. The company laser hair removal device can permanently eliminate ingrown for all sky type, including tanned skin. At Spa Clinic UK the customers can receive a free and thorough consultation from specialized therapists.
  • The Laser Treatment Clinic – A great choice for women and men who are struggling to find a high quality clinic. The Best Cosmetic Clinic Award 2015 is another reason that recommends them. The clinic has carried more than ½ million successful treatments. They are able to cover a wide range of treatments as acne laser treatments, scar removal, laser hair removal, or tattoo removal. Laser Treatment Clinic sells beauty products for any type of problem, products that can be a great idea for a gift.
  • Pulse Light Clinic laser hair removal – The Pulse Light Clinic is specialized in laser hair removal for women or men, and photo rejuvenation treatments. The company offers free consultations to the customers, in order to talk with the company technician and receive any information you need about your skin type, treatments and other details.The Pulse Light Clinic is staffed by medical professionals and they use only qualified doctor consultants and nurses.
  • London premier laser – At Premier Laser Clinic the customers can find a hair removal treatment that is a complete end-to-end procedure that gets rid of exposed hair as well as stubborn ingrown. The clinic procedures are safe for all skin types and hair colors, applies to any parts of the body. Beside laser hair removal Premier Laser Clinic provides services as facials, stretch mark removal and anti-wrinkle injections.
  • Skn clinics – At SK:N Clinic the clients can find a permanent solution to excessive or unwanted hair. The clinic doesn’t just remove hair instantly, but they provide a longer lasting-solution, by reducing hair growth. That means the clients can go for longer periods before having a new session. Using this method of hair removal reduces both the costs and the amount of time spent in clinic.
  • Northwood clinic laser hair removal – Northwood Clinic combines the newest and modern cutting-edges laser technology with uncompromised services to provide clients a complete hair removal solution for upscale, luxury grooming. The clinic wishes to make clients forget about razors and waxes with their top-of-the-line removal treatment. That way the customers will receive a silky-smooth bare skin, which anyone deserves.
  • The private clinic – Short visits at Private Clinic can help you to find a new way to solve unwanted air problems using the laser and light therapies. The customers need multiple laser treatments in order to achieve the best results. After using this kind of treatment the satisfaction is very high, and most of the patients are thrilled with the long term results. The clinic offers also other beauty treatments as rejuvenation, dermatology, and fat transfer.
  • Harley medical laser hair removal – Since opening, Harley Medical has been setting the highest standard for laser hair removal and aesthetics. They are committed to provide quality service at the best prices. Harley Medical is one of the UK’s leaders in laser hair removal services. They use only the most cutting-edge technology that is able to provide safe and effective results. At Harley Medical laser hair removal is gentle, fast and safe for any type of skin.
  • Faceit uk – Faceit Clinic offers the very latest and effective cosmetic solutions, beauty treatments, professional make-up and pampering packages in a relaxing and cozy setting. The clinic is recommended for any kind of clients, whether they seek an effective solution to a cosmetic concern, or just simply a relaxing therapy. All of the clinic treatments are performed by dedicated staff that is committed to ensure comfort and wellbeing for anyone.
  • – BeautyEN is a long awaited health and beauty blog that answers several important questions that people going under a beauty treatment surely have. Should you use laser hair removal or tweezing? What should you use, old school beauty treatments or the latest technology? If latest technology is the obvious answer, then which are the best places in London for groundbreaking but tested beauty treatments? Shed your fears and learn the answers on this blog.

News! – Laser Hair Removal has taken over the hair removal business market

Facial treatments

Medspa Hydrafacial London – When somebody realizees that he needs to restore his own beauty and glamour with the help of a Hydrafacial treatment like Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion hydraacials it is necessary to require help from a beauty clinic. Medspa clinic is one of the most complete and professional beauty clinic you can find. The most popular treatments are laser hair removal, hydrafacials, lycon waxing, and deep tissue massage. All of these services clients can find in just one place, at only one call distance.

Women’s health

FEmISA – Fibroid Embolisation – Information, Support & Advice – Organisation providing information to women and doctors on an alternative to hysterectomy. Includes campaign details and patients’ stories. FEmISA is a UK based not-for-profit organisation. It is run by volunteers and funded by group members. FEmISA does not receive any financial support through advertising, nor benefit from free website hosting or similar sponsorship. This web site contains information for women and for the medical profession.