• Hydrafacial London – When somebody realizes that they need to restore their own beauty and glamour with the help of a Hydrafacial treatment like Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion hydraacials it is necessary to require help from a beauty clinic. Medspa clinic is one of the most complete and professional beauty clinic you can find. The most popular treatments are laser hair removal, hydrafacials, lycon waxing, and deep tissue massage. All of these services clients can find in just one place, at only one call distance. The Nannic NBE Deep Skin Duo can be used for mechanical peeling that is being performed by the Ablator, while the Infuser uses highly concentrated Nannic serums combined with micro-channel technology that are non-damaging to the skin. This device offers long lasting results such as Rejuvenating and Improving the skin, Combating wrinkles, Improving elasticity, restoring moisture of the skin and many others. A direct and continuous cooperation with research centres located right across the globe offers the opportunity of working with various different multi-disciplinary professional specialists. This allows NANNIC to introduce a number of innovative products to the market every single year. The NANNIC products are produced using a selection of carefully considered active ingredients. Respect is the key word, both for the origin of the natural products, as well as for the human metabolism which the product will be used on.
  • Beauty EN – is a quality health and beauty blog that deals with both the advantages and disadvantages of using the latest equipment and technology when undergoing a beauty treatment. Should you work with doctors only or technicians are enough? Get the answer to this question and many more plus a top of London’s best beauty clinics. BeautyEN is a long awaited health and beauty blog that answers several important questions that people going under a beauty treatment surely have. Should you use laser hair removal or tweezing? What should you use, old school beauty treatments or the latest technology? If latest technology is the obvious answer, then which are the best places in London for groundbreaking but tested beauty treatments? Shed your fears and learn the answers on this blog.
  • Vogue Aesthetic Clinic & Spa – Beauty by Jules. The best way to achieve younger, better looking skin without plastic surgery. Read more. IPL Treatments. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL ).